Below you can find answers to the FAQ:

  1. What is pastecodes.net? - PasteCodes.net is a website that allows you to store and share your texts on the Internet easily and quickly.
  2. Who can see my pastes? - If you publish your text in public mode, anyone who enters the site will be able to see it. You can also publish them "Not Listed" which allows only you and the users who have the link to see them. If you publish them in private, only you will be able to see them as long as you are logged into your user account, you can also protect your pastes with a password.
  3. Are there memberships? - PasteCodes.net offers a different service, we do not charge anything for the functions you enjoy, we do not appropriate your texts or anything like that. This site is maintained thanks to the community, donations allow us to remain active and improve the quality of our service.
  4. How can I report a paste? - First of all, you should read our terms and conditions, specifically the area of ​​acceptable use. Once you do, proceed to report the paste that you think violates our policies, your report can be one of many so be patient as soon as we verify that the publication violates our policies, we will delete it.