Terms & Condition

We appreciate your interest in our platform, to keep track of the content we present the terms and conditions, basically what we offer and what we expect from our users, please read the entire page completely to proceed to make your registration or report. Thank you


PasteCodes.net is an online text storage service offered by PasteCodes.net. As text it is understood that it can be in plain format or even source code fragments according to the syntax highlighting options that we offer.

The service offered is hosted in the United States of America, so we adhere to the laws corresponding to the country and state to which our server belongs in terms of privacy and navigation security, information that is available in our privacy policy .

As service providers we try to ensure that it is always available 24/7, 365 days a year.



Users are all the people who access our platform, whether or not they are identified by an account, preferably those over 13 years of age or younger under adult supervision.

Users can create accounts to identify themselves and have control of their publications, to create an account users must comply with the following:

1. Be over the age of 13 or under adult supervision (as there may be adult content).

2. Have a valid email address and preferably more than 3 months old.

3. You must validate your email within a maximum of 60 days, otherwise we will delete your account without prior notice and the published texts will be permanently deleted.

To make acceptable use of the registry, the following is prohibited:

1. Using usernames with racist and rude words, allusive to terrorism, weapons, human reproductive devices, among other bad sounding ones.

2. Using previously banned email accounts or fake accounts.

3. Use a VPN to access our services.

4. Have more than one account per user.

Once the registration is done, you must verify the ownership of your email account, in this way we ensure that it is a real person.

As a user, you can access all the features available for a normal account, which includes full control over your texts (create, modify and delete), private publications and use and creation of folders.

You can publish any text or source code as long as you respect the paste policy.


Pastes Policy

The pastes are texts that you store using our service, to maintain order and avoid inconveniences, your text must comply with the following:

1. Contain nothing racist, homophobic, or religious. We respect your ideology therefore we do not admit anything that may be offensive to anyone.

2. No content of child pornography or human trafficking, this type of content is strictly prohibited, a report will be made to the authorities.

3. May include adult content as long as it is not publicly posted and is unlisted.

4. Without malware, links that lead to pages with malware or unwanted content will be removed.

5. Content that violates copyright such as pirated software, links to free books (by unofficial means to the original), etc. is prohibited.

6. Not contain private information about any person, names, addresses, credit cards, access to accounts, etc.

7. No source codes protected by copyright.

8. Misleading content, spam lists, random nonsense characters.

9. It should not contain bad-sounding words, rudeness or anything like that.

Any violation of the policies will result in the elimination of the text, in cases of recurrence the account will be suspended indefinitely.



This platform has a reporting tool that helps us locate infringing content thanks to the community, to make good use of this tool you must take into account the following to make your report properly:

1. Do not raise false reports, our system will block it permanently.

2. Add a valid reason, if you report without a valid reason we will block your IP.

3. If it is a copyright violation please do not use the form. Make your report directly to dmca [at] pastecodes.net and identify yourself properly.

Due to the number of reports that can arrive per day, we can take up to 5 days to retaliate against a certain text. Please be patient, making similar reports will only lengthen the response time and our system will block it.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the whole page, we hope you like this service.